Clement & Absolute Freedom

Paris | North America | Worldwide

Our multi-award-winning campaigns for this Parisian powerhouse drew from France’s iconic importance to the culinary world and its revolutionary spirit with a message that distinguished the brand.
RECOGNITION: MARCOM, Horizon Interactive
A chef’s signature, formed by palate, personality, ingenuity, and execution, is what distinguishes a chef’s kitchen. Though dishes speak for themselves in the dining room, happy chefs are those who feel comfortable in their own skin, or in this case, their second skin—the ubiquitous chef jacket.

Experience Absolute Freedom

Clement Design, a driving force in the French and European chef apparel industry, needed to penetrate the U.S. market with their brand status at the helm. To do this, we created for them a philosophy that would double as the foundation for a multi-faceted campaign—one that would resonate with new and established chefs with fresh, contemporary attitudes.
Drawing from France’s iconic importance to the culinary world and its revolutionary spirit, the campaign required a message that would set the brand apart from a slew of competitors. The initial ad in the campaign was meant to inspire the audience through a relatable visual and powerful ad copy that placed Clement’s commitment to fine craftsmanship and innovation at the forefront.

Command Respect

Nominated for several awards from its launch in 2011 and winning accolades large and small, the ‘Get Your Kitchen in Line’ campaign launched Clement in the U.S., making the brand instantly recognizable among chefs.
Playing with the stereotype of the overbearing executive chef, the ad appeals to chefs to command respect with the ultimate in professional wear.
Clement – Get Your Kitchen in Line Campaign

The Digital Blitz

Our Launchtel platform served as the all-inclusive digital arm of the campaign. Akin to the now-common crash test campaigns for auto manufacturers to display the product’s durability in the worst case scenario, the interactive interstitial and mobile slider Launchtel campaigns showcased extreme applications to demonstrate just how advanced Clement’s technology is.


Marketing Communication (MARCOM) Gold – ‘Experience Absolute Freedom’ Campaign Philosophy
Horizon Interactive Bronze – ‘Get Your Kitchen In Line’ Campaign
Various Recognitions for Digital/Interactive Campaign