AK & Ascend

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AK Sports entered the ring of ultra-competitive sporting goods and training equipment with messaging that spoke to the consummate athlete and athletic partners and realized its licensing goals through our strategic positioning and partnerships.
Given the challenge of ultimately licensing its training equipment worldwide with virtually no recognition of its product line among key targets, the market penetration strategy had to be equal parts impactful and robust. While our multi-front campaigns saw a marked increase in customer leads and backing, our strategic partnerships aligned AK’s interests with those of the target sporting goods companies.

Ascension: From Single Product to Major Licensor

Building both the mindshare for the products among consumers and the interest of major companies in the industry, we effectively planned, executed and oversaw the evolution of AK Sports from a single product manufacturer to licensing its pioneering products exclusively to one of the largest sporting goods companies in the world.
The multi-pronged, multi-award-winning Ascend campaign was launched shortly after AK and ADESIEM completed development of the first AK product, the weighted MMA training equipment, featuring the first ever soft-yet-heavy weights for resistance and calisthenics training. The campaigns successfully introduced to professional level athletes both the technology that is experienced or felt, rather than just seen, and the AK brand philosophy. The campaign’s goal was to visually associate the brand with other-worldly dedication and urged athletes to ascend to a new form.


Marketing Communication (MARCOM) Platinum – Ascend Campaign
Various Nominations – Ascend Campaign