RJ Chocolatier & The Many Sides of Sweet

Saint Louis, MO | North America

Our multi-faceted mindshare campaigns for this decorated chocolate artisan kept Rick Jordan Chocolatier top-of-mind with consumers in a sea of emerging luxury chocolate brands.
RECOGNITION: Davey Awards, AIGA Cased
Equal parts art, science and sculpture, the craft of artisanal chocolates has surged to a new level of artistry worldwide. Visionaries like the renowned Patrick Roger of Paris are pushing their craft beyond the conventional. It is only fitting that Roger protégé, Rick Jordan, is now a decorated artisanal chocolatier. Named one of the Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America, RJC needed a fitting campaign for its unique and bold flavors and inventive presentation.
RJ Chocolatier – Seductive Side of Sweet
RJ Chocolatier – Wild Side of Sweet
RJ Chocolatier – Adventurous Side of Sweet

X Side of Sweet

The award-winning “X side of sweet” campaign utilizes stunning visual pairings and clever descriptive copy to create a unique sensory connection with its target audience, imploring them to be wild, seductive and adventurous. These are the sides of sweet—an emotive map we built to express the sensations evoked by the intriguing flavors of the luxury chocolate brand. Each ad in the campaign features a particular piece from the Rick Jordan Chocolatier signature collection—each piece is celebrated as the main attraction, and along with the accompanying element in its surroundings, reflects one of the many sides of sweet.

Anatomy of a Campaign

Art is tied intrinsically to the artist, so it only stood to reason that the “X” Side of Sweet campaign should capture all sides of Jordan while strategically fitting into the seasonal ebb and flow of foodie, special occasion and holiday buying targets. We designed the campaign as a snapshot look at the chocolatier and his art form and selected the pieces that would best tell his story and capture the imagination of the target market.

Wild Side of Sweet

Featuring honey from Jordan’s own hives, Honey Ganache from the Native Missouri Collection is both a local tribute and a demonstration of Jordan’s dedication to chocolate as an art form. The bold flavor had to be central to this piece to pique consumer interest—the association with the wild resonates toward that purpose.

Adventurous Side of Sweet

Creativity, fun, and finesse in a shareable package, Crunch from the Snackables Collection is an adventurous medley of bean-to-bar dark chocolate, resoundingly crisp feuilletine, and unexpected tropical flavor—hence the challenge to be bold and try something adventurous.

Seductive Side of Sweet

Hal from the Demispheres Collection is a gleaming ruby dome painted using a technique the chocolatier mastered in France under his mentor. Visually striking, this piece is gem-toned luxury with a sensual raspberry center—an easy association with seduction, and an abundantly fitting piece to carry Q1 with Valentine’s sales.

The Difference is Digital

While the print, TV and outdoor campaigns were designed to increase the brand’s mindshare among potential consumers and, as such, required a visually cohesive composition, the digital/online campaigns could afford (and were almost required) to be more vibrant and playful.
The Many Sides of Sweet
The Many Sides of Sweet
X Side of Sweet – Full-page Interstitial


Davey Awards Silver – The X Side of Sweet Campaign
AIGA 2015 Cased Nominee